Short Term Rentals vs Long Term Rentals

Welcome to CERTIFIED Real Estate Investments, Inc.‘s long term rental property management program. It is a pleasure to host this brief discussion concerning the financial performance of your Central Florida and Florida Panhandle investment property.

Over 25 years managing investment properties in Florida we learned that short term rentals, typically, result in negative cash flows. You own your Florida investment property. Now, you must find the financial model that provides the most comfortable and the most productive financial outcome.

We know that long term rentals outperform short term rentals, with few exceptions. Please contact us by providing your contact information, or call us. Providing the highest level of customer service is our objective.

Our Commitment

When you provide us with your contact information, we will:

1.- Maintain your data private.

2.- Respond in a timely basis.

3.- Drive by your property, take exterior pictures, and deliver a free market analysis.

3.- Provide you with true and objective information about the long term rental income potential of your home.

4.- Send you our rental agreement and our residential lease for your review.

5.- Remove all pressure from this process and respect your decision.

6.- Provide any other information and assurances that you require.

Thank you very much for stopping by. We look forward to hearing from you.