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Long Term Rental Program Near Disney

Pre Listing Services

CERTIFIED Real Estate Investments provides Long-Term rental services. We are Central Florida Property Managers with headquarters near Disney. The first thing we do when a Landlord requests management services are to define the terms of our long-term rental management agreement. Most Landlords want to know how much Rent the property will bring and what the operating expenses are. To request a Rental Market Analysis, Click Here

Once we have established that the Rent is sufficient and that the terms of our agreement are acceptable to you, we will inspect the property and make recommendations regarding the condition of the property that will maximize the Rent and minimize the marketing time. The vacancy is our worst enemy, while appropriately Priced Properties in Move-In Condition Rent Quickly.

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Property Management in Four Corners FL

Marketing Your Property

CERTIFIED Real Estate Investments is located next door to the Clermont South Branch of the United States Postal Service. The Post Office handles 750 customers daily, on average. When consumers see our CERTIFIED Real Estate Investments marquee sign, they know that they have found a name they can trust. Our office is always busy providing business-related services to the community.

Internet marketing is everything in real estate today. Stellar MLS syndicates our rentals to Zillow.com, Realtor.com,  Homesnap.com, and many other top websites. Syndication provides excellent portals by which consumers find properties for rent. Remember, the only thing that is consistent in modern life is change. We are continually shopping internet portals that can maximize exposure for your rental property.

Grass Roots marketing efforts and a long-term market presence are still an important factor in minimizing vacancy for our landlords. Yard signs are still handy. At CERTIFIED Real Estate Investments we usually have 100-yard signs around the community at any given time. Over the last decade, we have provided management services for approximately 500 families. When Four Corners families are looking for rental property, CERTIFIED Real Estate Investments is their one-stop-shop. Real Estate is local in nature.

Tenant Screening

CERTIFIED Real Estate Investments qualifies tenants based on three criteria. The first is income, second is the tenant’s background and third is the tenant’s housing payment history.

The tenant’s monthly income must be three times the monthly rent. This is mandatory. If the tenant cannot document that their income is at least three times the monthly rent the tenant does not qualify.

The background check includes the tenant’s credit history, criminal record, eviction record and also identifies any judgments and bankruptcies that have been recorded against the prospective tenant. CERTIFIED Real Estate Investments accepts a 620 credit score as satisfactory. In the event that one or more of the tenants’ credit score falls below 620, the tenant’s housing payment history must be reviewed. When all adult occupants have a 620 credit score no additional analysis is necessary. A credit score of less than 620 does not mean that CERTIFIED Real Estate Investments will not rent to the tenant. In the event that one or more of the tenants’ credit score falls below 620, the tenant’s housing payment history must be reviewed. CERTIFIED Real Estate Investments reserves the right to reject a tenant’s application based on Criminal Records, Evictions, Bankruptcies, and Judgments based solely on the inclusion of same on the tenant’s background report.

When CERTIFIED Real Estate Investments reviews the tenant’s housing payment history, the most recent six housing payments are the payments that are considered. Housing payments can be documented in a few different ways. First, canceled checks are acceptable as proof of payment. Second, bank statements showing the housing payment clearing the tenant’s bank are acceptable. Third, the landlord’s accounting records showing the receipt of the housing payment are acceptable. A letter from the landlord is not acceptable. Documentation that all six housing payments were received by the landlord or have cleared the tenant’s bank account on or before the 15th day of the month are acceptable.

CERTIFIED Real Estate Investments move in requirement is the First Month’s Rent, and a Security Deposit equal to 1 1/2 of One Month’s Rent. Security Deposits will be held in an Interest Bearing Escrow Account, all interest accruing to the account of CERTIFIED Real Estate Investments.

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Contract Services

A strong lease is an important element in determining the success of your real estate investment. CERTIFIED Real Estate Investments, in conjunction with our preferred property management Law Firm, Law Offices of Heist, Weisse and Davis P.Awww.evict.com ), provides the Residential Lease that puts the Landlord in an excellent legal position in the event of a dispute with or the default of the tenant.

Landlord / Tenant Relationships

The provision of Landlord / Tenant Relationship management is a monumental service that is frequently undervalued. Landlords should realize that in most cases the interests of the Landlord and the Tenant are diametrically opposed. The Landlord wants as much rent as she can get with as few expenses as possible. The Tenant wants the least expensive rent possible and Hospitality Grade service. CERTIFIED Real Estate Investments, by exercising strong Contract Services policies, brings the two parties together making sure that all parties understand their own responsibilities and the limitations on the responsibilities of others. Going into the deal with everyone fully informed prevents most problems. Still, the relationship can be challenging. When Landlords and Tenants deal with each other directly there is no one there to put these conflicts of interest into perspective. In most cases, decisions are made on the spot with very little experience or insight into the matter at hand. CERTIFIED Real Estate Investments utilizes over ten years of experience to minimize conflicts of interest and effectively manage them when they arise. Don’t do Long Term Rental Property Management without us.

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Landlords - Business Cycle

Financial Management

“Keep the Receipt”

Financial Reporting is another major activity center here at CERTIFIED Real Estate Investments. Rent is due on the first and late at the end of business on the 5th of every month. Posting Rent Payments and disbursing Rent to landlords keeps our bookkeeping department constantly busy. When it comes to Maintenance Matters the process starts with a work order. In many cases, competitive bids are required to ensure getting the best price for the work to be completed. For routine repairs, the Landlord is notified. In the case of emergencies, CERTIFIED Real Estate Investments must act immediately in order to protect the property or the Tenantability of the property. The Property Manager or our Administrative Staff explains the circumstances and the Landlord approves the repair. The tradesman is dispatched to the property. The repair is completed and the invoice is matched to the work order. No work order? No Payment. The Property Manager then approves the invoice for payment and forwards the invoice to accounting for payment. The accounting department posts the invoice.

The Accounting Department emails statements, a summary, and expense, to Landlords every month. At the end of the year, the Internal Revenue Service requires CERTIFIED Real Estate Investments to prepare and deliver IRS Form 1099 (a statement of revenues paid to the Landlord) to the Landlord. The Landlord is ready to report the revenues and expenses on her tax return. CERTIFIED Real Estate Investments‘ Long Term Rental Program is a turnkey operation.

The Business Cycle

“In a Nutshell”

CERTIFIED Real Estate Investments provides a turnkey solution to Residential and Commercial Property Management in the Four Corners Real Estate market. Four Corners is defined as the area south and west of Disney World. Initially, we inspect your property and provide suggestions to get the property rented in the shortest amount of time and for the highest rent value that will deliver a tenant within a reasonable amount of time. Remember, “Vacancy is the Landlord’s Worst Enemy.” Once a Lease Price is established and the property is determined to be in Marketable Condition, the Marketing process begins. The property is submitted My Florida Regional Multiple Listing Service (Stellar MLS) for marketing to the Customers of other REALTORS and to the general public. Your property is automatically updated from the MLS to crirentals.com, our own website.

From www.crirentals.com your property is uploaded to the major internet sites in real estate such as REALTOR.comTrulia.comZillow.comHomes.com and many other dominant websites. We place a yard arm style sign in the front yard. 

Property Managers follow up on leads, show your property to prospective tenants, and close the sale. The Tenant is thoroughly screened as to 1) Income 2) Complete Public Records Background (including Credit Worthiness) and 3) Rental Payment History. A lease is drafted and signed by the tenant and then by you, the Landlord. A Walk Through Inspection is performed by the Property Manager, with the Tenant, including photographs documenting the property condition and the property is then delivered to the Tenant according to the lease. The Tenant pays rent and a security deposit. The Accounting Department processes all transactions associated with the property. After 60 to 90 days of occupancy, an Early Tenancy Walk Through is performed by the Property Manager with the Tenant. Tenants are counseled as to their responsibilities to the cleanliness and Tenant Required Maintenance of the property, as needed. When the Lease is within 90 days of expiration the Property Manager reaches out to the Landlord and inquires as to the Landlord’s plans for the property over the next 15 months to two years.

When the Landlord desires the renewal of the lease, the Tenant is notified and given the opportunity to renew, according to the Landlord’s instruction. Throughout the lease period, the Accounting Department is reporting on the revenues and expenses associated with the property monthly. At the end of the year, the Accounting Department issues Year End Statements and IRS Form #1099 equipping the Landlord with the information required for income tax purposes. This is the CERTIFIED Real Estate Investments Long Term Rental Process in a Nutshell.

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